want my team & I to help you gROW you Local Club using our B.A.S.E. Framework method?

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Using The B.A.S.E. Framework!

Which is the exact same system I've used in my million dollar Local Club Model that transforms ordinary Club Owners into Extraordinary Club Owners. 

This Short Video Will Explain How I Figured Out How To Live Life On My Own Terms By Serving My Local Community And Having An Impact On Other Liked Minded Investors!!


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What Is The B.A.S.E. Framework: 

The B.A.S.E Framework is the exact same system I use in my million dollars Local Club Model that transforms ordinary Club Owners into extraordinary Club Owners.

We do that, by focusing on these 4 things:

#1: Build - The main reason most clubs never make it to profitability is because they're following a old model that just doesn't work anymore.

With Base we focus on

  • How the club is set up
  • What is the overall message is
  • How your monthly meetings are structured
  • How your monthly trainings are laid out for the year
  • The type of vendors you'll need to have in place
  • Getting you the proper templates for your meetings
  • How to set up the best location for hosting meetings 
  • Building internal systems and processes to attract your dream clients 

This part of the framework is KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS and the base to how you build or rebuild your Club to deliver the life you deserve by serving your local community. 

#2: Attract: Most clubs they are trying to grow in 1 of 2 ways.. The 1st way is assuming that "If you build it, they will come" and that just isn't the case. The 2nd way is following the National Information Marketers model where you are spending a ton of money on ads that push folks into your meeting where you then try to sell them something to help recover your marketing dollars at the first meeting.

The problem with this method is you are not leading by serving, instead you're pushing them to buy something based on recovering your expenses. When you are doing this, you are NOT BUILDING your community the right way

We have figured out the process that allows us to keep new members coming in each and every month so you don't have to worry about whether or not they buy anything at your meetings. Instead you can focus on building your community and demonstrating the value ladder that they will follow, then you'll be rewarded.

Our Attraction Model is built around 4 Pillars that work together: 

  1. Social Branding - We help create awareness of who you are and what you do. We also have a very specific "Content Strategy Formula" that creates engagement and opens up the idea that we can help them and our community is the answer.
  2. Event Sites Set UP - This helps set up ongoing organic traffic that keeps building every month.  This is a massive help to the growth of your community and bringing in the Dream Client you are looking for. 
  3. Micro Influencers -  Using others to help point their own community to you. We also call this standing on the shoulders of giants in our community.  There is no better way to have a referral-based community than having your referrals coming from other leaders in your community. 
  4. Local Paid Ads - This is a skill that can be learned and we only spend about $10-$20 per day to grow our club based on a process of understanding that Awareness is first and then all the paid marketing is to keep your brand in front of the community you want to grow.

#3: Serve: If you are not fully engaged in this step then you are not building your community. This step took me many years to understand how to roll it out in my community as a Club Owner without allowing it to take up all my time. I am happy to report that we have figured this out and the power of how this will develop your community is more than I can even explain in words. 

We don't just build communities, we build them with depth and you will see firsthand how this part of the Framework will Create the Loyalty from your community you are looking for.

This also gives you an advantage over the National Education Companies because they cannot do this and this is why they can't build Trust, Loyalty and Respect for you and your Club!

#4: Excel: If you have done everything in the other 3 Pillars correctly then Excelling your Members Up Your Value Ladder will be one of the easiest things you've done. We consistently get members telling us they know they need to move to the next level and in most cases that is Coaching. You must remember the reason most Clubs don't see success is they never start with their Value Ladder First or understand the positioning of that Value Ladder.

With our Framework we are building everything around that Value Ladder, so our members know what they need to do next without us telling them. We don't even need to bring salespeople into our Bootcamps because our members know what is next for them and when we tell them to take the next step they do...

This is because we earned their Trust, Loyalty and Respect!! 

Using the methodology outlined above, I've built an Amazing (and profitable) Local Club Community where I get to Inspire, Lead and Guide our members, But more importantly I get to be part of the business I am helping them build.

This is only possible because I spent 17 years figuring out the B.A.S.E. Framework for Growing Local Clubs.  And now I get to help other Leaders do the same things and live a better life on their own terms. 

How Can We Help You? 

We offer our Club Founders a better way to build or grow there current clubs by following and implementing a proven process called The B.A.S.E. Framework. This framework is the key process to getting your club running, bringing in new members every month, and creating a profitable club for yourself. 

We provide consulting to all our Club Founders that we work with every month on a on going bases. This is so we can keep our hands in the day to day and keep helping our Club Founders grow and build the community for success. 

We have a strategic marketing call every month to go over there marketing approach and to see what is working and what we need to help them with. 

We have the tools and systems for our Club Founders to plug right into our model and start seeing the success from being part of the Club Growth Program.

What we also help our Club Founders with is: 

  • Key Strategies on how to Build the club for Success 
  • Crafting there Value Ladder for there members 
  • Developing systems for running there club 
  • Brand Building and Awareness Campaigns 
  • Template Layouts for meeting intro
  • Strategic Planning for yearly meetings and Training 
  • Yearly Training Templates for meetings 
  • Event Site set up and strategy 
  • 4 Pillars To Bring In New Members 
  • Social Branding in your local mark 
  • Templates and System for local paid ads. 
  • Bootcamp structure and layouts 
  • Bootcamp training Agendas
  • Coaching offer and structure 
  • Pitching your coaching offer to members 
  • Coaching Prospect Calls and Scripting 
  • Automated Campaigns for follow ups 
  • Website development consulting 
  • Nurture Process Campaigns for new members 
  • Product Development for members 
  • Automated Deliverables for products
  • White Labeled Training For Club Members
  • and so much more....

About Zack Childress:

Zack Childress is the leading expert in growing local-based clubs and communities with over 20 years of real estate investing experience and 17 years of running local-based clubs he is the go-to guy when local clubs need help in building a community that is profitable. 

Zack is highly respected in the Real Estate industry by his peers and students all over the country. Zack is a best-selling author of 2 Books and has been sharing his message for over 20 years to help new real estate investors find their path to financial freedom with real estate investing. 

He has also helped other experts and leaders build, attract, service, and excel their students with a simple-to-follow framework for building a local base club and community!  

Zack is one of the few that have not only maneuvered through the housing crash as an investor but also as a Local Club owner and came through it more successfully than most!

Zack specializes in teaching real-world tactics that work right now and he lives by the model of keeping it simple and living life on your own terms. 

Zack’s story is one that we all should listen to from bootstrapping his real estate investing business off the ground to becoming an international speaker, to building a national seminar company doing 70 events a year, and then finding himself in a place with more success then he needed but not fulfilled.

This was the pivotal moment for him and when he put all his focus into building locally based communities that just didn’t serve the community on the highest level but also rewarded the community leaders financially on the highest level and gave them back their time and freedom to live life on their own terms. 

If you are a leader, love inspiring others, and want to make a huge impact in your community then there is no one better to help you with that process than Zack Childress…

 He is a Local Club Expert!

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